SUSANA FARINHASusana Farinha as a brand is a «New born» however she has been working in this area for about 20 years. She started with creating small accessories for some brands, friends and family, moving on to customizing pieces.

That's how she turned this passion into her profession.

With a degree in Communication and Journalism, she still worked in the area using her creativity in words; but her curiosity and sensitivity made her love for Jewelery grow and the desire to put her ideas into practice.

Mix materials, test contrasts, textures and colors. In an unlimited world where everything seems to want to unleash the creative impulse.

Filled with feelings and emotions, the pieces take shape and their final product is materialized: bracelets, bracelets, wires, necklaces and earrings.

For the last ten years she has worked with brands, where she has had the freedom to create, coordinate and produce collections that have traveled across borders.

Today, Susana Farinha wants to position itself as a Brand that knows its customer very well.

No names, styles, adjectives or tribes.

It's for me It's for you.

Pure Craftsmanship, Pure Love.